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Conflict Costs Your Business and Your Wellbeing

42% of managers’ time is spent managing conflict; companies lose 64% of wrongful termination cases; over 20 years recorded discrimination cases have increased by 2,166% (no typo).

With a successful 10-year international track-record, this fundamental communication training takes individuals and companies beyond conflict to powerful collaboration and the keystones for success.

Best-practice methods, proven strategies and in-depth insight allow you to master interactions, sales negotiations, conflict facilitation and daily team meetings. You will gain access to tools that let you achieve your goals and feel satisfied doing so.

Beyond Conflict online training delivers the CORE Success™ system of communication principles and methods that are nothing less than transformational in almost any interaction.


  • The building blocks of conversation.
  • The genius of non-judgment.
  • The steps to dissolving conflict.
  • The keys to collaboration.
  • How to feel comfortable in any context at any time.

Collaboration is mandatory for positive outcomes. Yet leaders sometimes resist meeting a problem head on to get things aligned. Well intended, they can miss the mark in dealing with conflict, not getting ‘buy in’ from team members to see collaboration and cooperation as being in their own best interest.

A Leader’s Job in tough Conversations is to:

  • Educate on the nuts and bolts of why things need to be done a certain way.
  • Unite with team members, not from a superior stance, in their common effort to achieve results that benefit all (sale, production numbers, etc).
  • Get buy-in from team members to own the agreement and live up to it – even without monitoring.
  • Master conflict resolution steps for smooth use when the heat is too high for cooperative conversation.

Beyond Conflict is proven, global and universal in its application. It’s an effective and powerful way to start doing business a whole new way that will take you Beyond Conflict to collaboration and success.

Going Further with Beyond Conflict

Transform your business communication culture, cut cost, save time and turn challenges into constructive outcomes by taking advantage of Leeza’s in-depth live trainings and impactful keynotes.

Beyond Conflict Training & Keynote Topics:

RE-CREATE YOUR CORPORATE CLIMATE – Energize Collaboration, Cut Out Conflict, Build on Good Will.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT TRAINING – Streamline Productivity, Eliminate Inefficiency, Raise the Bottom Line.

EXECUTIVE COACHING – End Conflict, Build Trust – Practical Support to Dissolve Conflict and Assure Leadership Success.

BEYOND CONFLICT TRAINING – Get Your People to Consistently Collaborate for Sustainable Success.

CRYSTAL CLEAR COMMUNICATION – 5 Keys to Potently Effective

Leeza is a gifted communicator. Under her guidance any team could efficiently achieve goals, learn to resolve conflict and gain a communication skill set that will serve them in future endeavors, both individually and as an organization.

Cheryl Herbeaux

Board Member, FIS Germany

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