Audiences wake up and feel energized when Leeza Steindorf takes the stage. Whatever she’s speaking on – success, conflict, transformation, communication, collaboration, relationship – Leeza brings her vitality, experience, warmth and humor, sharing unique perspectives and providing effective tools on issues that concern us all.

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For conferences of over 500 or teams of only 15, Leeza can speak to your desired theme or deliver one of her keynotes tailored to your group’s specific needs or focus. People will leave the event inspired, informed and feeling more connected than they did before.

See her motivational talks on organizational, personal and educational topics below:

Organizational Transformation Talks


 The Secret to a Positive Corporate Climate – Cut out the Cause of Conflict

Use this simple tool to revolutionize your workplace.

Five Steps that End Conflict – A Practical Formula for Leadership Success

Handle conflict in any team so it becomes an illusion.

Beyond Conflict – How to Collaborate for Success

Get your people to get along, with you and each other.

The Secret to Streamlined Productivity – Eliminate Inefficiency

Get employees to want to work harder.

Crystal Clear Communication – 5 Keys to Effective Business Communication

Stop confusion and repetition. Amp up clarity and efficiency.

Training Excellence – Best Practices for the Best Trainers

Learn simple powerful trade secrets that build extraordinary trainers and facilitators.

Fearlessly Unstoppable – 3 Keys to be Fearlessly Unstoppable Every Day!

Dissolve fear’s hold on you in sales, with clients, everywhere.

3 Keys to Better Results – The Art of Direct Communication.

These behaviours assure results; others hinder them.

Communication, conflict resolution and collaboration are essential in our job and in business in general. A speaker who’s truly an expert in the field and who not only motivates and guides, but also inspires and makes the time fly, is rare. Leeza Steindorf is an exceptional motivational speaker with unique content, approach and delivery. I’d attend one of her talks every day if I could. Thomas Pagens

Training Captain, Lufthansa German Airlines

Personal Transformation Talks


Be You Authentically, No Apology – How to Give up the Hiding Game

You were taught that who you is not ok, but full exposure is the safest way to fly.

Personal C.O.R.E. Success – At Your Fingertips

With Clarity, Ownership, Resolution, Excellence as habits of choice you will LOVE the life you live.

Learning to Love Yourself –Discovering the Beautiful Truth of Who You Are

It is not your faults and smallness you fear, but your beauty and greatness.

The Genius of NonJudgment – How to End the Blame & Shame Game

This one simple tool will revolutionize your world and make  happiness a daily event.

Parenting Success Blueprint – Learning to Love the Toughest Job You’ll Ever Have

Five keys that will let you be the parent you want to be for you and your kids.

Woman Undaunted – Dissolve Fears, Step into Power and  Shine Your Light Brilliantly

You do not need permission to be who you want to be, make decisions that feel good to you, and to be easy and kind with yourself – no matter what.

As a speaker Leeza exudes harmony, clarity and insight. Her words are spoken with love and strength, her direction is gentle yet firm. She possesses an incredible knack for “reading” her audience; she listens behind the scene and hears things that are implied but not spoken, anticipating what is needed and then delivering. Her sensitivity motivates, inspires and serves to propel her audience forward. Dr. Kathleen P. Perkins

Award Winning Author

Educational Transformation Talks


C.O.R.E. Success for Schools – A streamlined system of  simple tools that will revolutionize your school climate and learning  environment.

Parenting Success BlueprintGive parents tools in hand to help their kids succeed, be happy and learn at their potential.

Conflict to Conversation – Turn the tables when things go south and make talking to your kids feel good… for all involved.

Resolving Conflict in 1, 2, 3 – Learn the myths and truths of conflict and how to deal with it and dissolve it, effectively.

Raising Self-Esteem – Get the secret to valuing yourself as default and end the inner war! High self-esteem is the bedrock for all success.

Discipline with Dignity – Clarify what you want and design your roadmap to getting there with respect, flexibility, and cooperation.

Abolishing Bullying – Bullying is debilitating and pervasive in school, home and work. Identify the tools to effectively eliminate it.

Playing Nice that Never Backfires – Stand in your power no matter what with the positivity and ease you’re capable of.

She is an amazing presenter! Her unique yet useful ideas and examples shared inspired change in our faculty, from daily application to theory. Leeza spurred our desire to learn new things while, at the same time, served as confirmation of our own teaching and thinking process. We are now working together as a team! Heartfelt thanks, Leeza Steindorf. Heike Pisch

Educator, Erfurt, Germany

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