Leeza Carlone Steindorf uses her unique approach and powerful message to help individuals and organizations break through their limitations and create radical results. An inspirational speaker, seasoned business consultant and award-winning author, Leeza is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a Jack Canfield Success Trainer, Mastermind Coach for Steve Harrison, Women Undaunted Facilitator, trained Tony Robbins Results Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Mediator.
Leeza is also the Organizer of WOMAN UNDAUNTED, a retreat that teaches women how to engage in important conversations and provides them with meaningful tools for permanent change so that they can live passionately, confidently, and happy with who they are, meeting the challenges they face with conviction, confidence, and ease. (See more about Woman Undaunted here).
Her online training Parenting Success Blueprint, the award-winning book Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids, and CORE Success™ for Schools (Frieden Lernen in German) draw from her expertise as a professional development trainer for domestic and international school systems and their families.




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Acclaim for CORE Success™

The national success and extensive press coverage of the program CORE Success™ for Schools (Frieden lernen®) in Germany, prompted Cornelsen Publishing, one of the largest German publishers and partner to Oxford Press, to ask Leeza Steindorf with her former business partner Shirley Everett to author a book for the German school system on the unique and comprehensive program they taught,  Core Success for Schools CORE Success for Schools – The Practical Guide Book for a Positive School Climate (Frieden lernen; Das Praxishandbuch für ein positives Schulklima)  by Leeza Carlone Steindorf and Shirley Everett, 2004 Published by Cornelson Publishing Germany

Leeza and Shirley were then contracted by Cornelsen Teachers Academy (Cornelsen Lehrakademie) to launch a nationally implemented professional development/ continuing education training for teachers and administrators of the German educational system in CORE Success™ for Schools (Frieden lernen® für Schulen). In answer to the urgent demand to add training courses for both parents and youth, Leeza created Parenting Success Blueprint, which she has been teaching internationally at schools and parent venues over the last eight years. To purchase CORE Success™ books and online trainings please click here.


Leeza Steindorf

Transformation Coach, Speaker & Author

Radical Change. Permanent Results.

Two decades and over 30 cultures worldwide prove that Leeza Steindorf helps individuals, corporations, schools and families to break through limitations, design outcomes, and claim success through clarity, ownership, resolution and excellence, professionally and personally. Using the CORE Success™ Transformational process, her clients experience profound change and lasting results.

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