Real Power – Exceeding Goals and Outcomes – Delivers Sustainable Transformation.

Your gain from the proven services I provide – speaking, training, consulting, coaching – is accessing the skills, tools and radical insights you need to create lasting change and to thrive long term.

My CORE Success™ system helps people across the globe:

  • Multinational corporations
  • Educational institutions
  • Private individuals
  • Small businesses
  • Families
  • Women

Whether you have a conference for 1500 or a team of 15, I promise to over-deliver. If you aspire to your highest and best, I will educate, facilitate, equip and inspire you and your people to design and live the life you love and run the business you dream of.

If you want unshakable power and unstoppable forward motion, allow me to help you get there.

What Clients Say

The Oregon Head Start Association would like to recommend Leeza Steindorf as a speaker. Her sessions have all received rave reviews: “…10+ thumbs up!!,” “please bring her back,” “amazing,” and “extremely beneficial.” We took the suggestions and are having Leeza as our keynote speaker at our 2018 Spring Conference.

Tristin Mock, ND

Executive Director, Oregon Head Start Association

As a strategic planning consultant, Ms. Steindorf helped us identify and define goals, then clarify, structure and ultimately pursue those goals. Her analytical skills were a great advantage, and we greatly value her authenticity, flexibility and expertise.

Hans Albrecht

Vice President, Vereinigung Cockpit e.V. - German/Austrian Pilots Union

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