Leeza Steindorf

Transformation Specialist – Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach

Radical Change. Permanent Results.

Two decades and over 30 cultures worldwide prove that Leeza Steindorf helps individuals, corporations, schools and families to break through limitations, design outcomes, and claim success through clarity, ownership, resolution and excellence, professionally and personally. Using the CORE Success Transformational process, her clients experience profound change and lasting results.

“If you need conflict resolution, better communication skills, to be more open, congruent, find your purpose and be aligned, whether it’s in your corporation, in your school or in your personal life, I would encourage you to talk to Leeza.”

– Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach

Motivational Talks

People are wide-awake, inspired and informed when Leeza Steindorf takes the microphone. Whatever subject she’s speaking on – connecting through communication, dissolving conflict, solving relationship snafus, living with teenagers, or quick and easy self-esteem builders, to name just a few – Leeza brings her vitality, warmth and humor to provide a unique perspective on issues that concern us all.


Trainings & Masterminds

Training and development takes what you already possess and super-charges it to unfold the massive potential present. Masterminds provide the richest environment for ground-breaking ideas and impactful forward motion. CORE Success Trainings and Masterminds deliver tools, training, brainstorming and resources.



Life is not always easy. Having a trusted guide and support to face the challenges and opportunities life throws you with confidence and ease, and get to where you want to go, is what Transformation Coaching is all about. Prioritizing your personal success lets you live at the cutting-edge of your own potential and live and work in excellence. You will find in the coaching experience a lighter, clearer, empowered, and inspired way of being. Most of all, what Transformation Coaching gifts you with is planting yourself for good in the driver’s seat of your own experience, no matter what.

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Woman Undaunted June 22-24 Portland, Oregon

Woman Undaunted August 13-15 Arusha, Tanzania


Leeza’s Book:

Connected Parent  Empowered Child:
Five Keys to Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids

This unique award-winning CORE Success™ Guide for parents helps you start, and end, your day feeling great about your parenting. You will learn how to have communication without the sass, cooperation without the attitude and feel connected to your kids, even your teens, no matter what. Your parenting counts and here you’ll find tools that help you help your kids be all they can be – healthy, happy, empowered, successful – and help you feel comfortable doing it.




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