Women, Do You Feel Overwhelmed With Challenges In Your Personal And Professional Lives? 

Every day, women face unique challenges in their everyday lives and their professions. Male colleagues speak over you, make demeaning comments, don’t give you credit where credit is due. You struggle to find a balance between pursuing your career and supporting your family. Facing these challenges frequently can make it hard to speak up for yourself. It can make you feel like you’ll never figure it all out, leaving you intimidated and daunted. What if you could master those feelings and not feel overwhelmed? What if you could become undaunted, a Woman Undaunted? 

What Is A Woman Undaunted? 

There are three inherent qualities of being a Woman Undaunted.  

The first quality is power. Feminine power is potent and you can, and must, find it within yourself. Then, learn how to live into and from that power out in the world. Shed the negative connotations you associate with power and don’t be afraid to seek the strength of power for yourself. 

The second quality is passion. It’s the sizzle and spark that lights you up and lets you shine. You can use the intense joy and energy, the things that move you, in order to become a Woman Undaunted. 

The third quality is playfulness. Most of us have it in bucketfuls when we’re young. This may be the quality you feel you’ve lost, or had to stop engaging. However, being the light, sparkling, playful person you are isn’t counterproductive to finding success – it can be incredibly useful. 

Learn More About Each Of These Qualities With Leezá Carlone Steindorf 

Are you ready to learn more about becoming a Woman Undaunted? Leezá Steindorf offers you the empowerment strategies, personal support, and professional help you need through here Woman Undaunted Masterclass, with a new cohort starting in the coming year. This group coaching class with other wide-awake women will help you learn to live authentically in your power, your passion, your playfulness, and then realize your purpose. Contact Leezá today to learn more! 

Join our Free Woman Undaunted Online Event

As women, we often shy away from embracing the power of our feminine presence. When we were young, many of us were told, “be a nice little girl,” while we should have learned, “you are worthy; stand in your power and strength; do not tolerate poor treatment; let your voice be heard.” Our time has come to shed our habit of hiding and shine as brightly as we can. You are invited to join a welcoming, open-hearted, and inspiring conversation with other women as we learn how to embrace our feminine power.