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Parenting Success Blueprint Online Training

How to Love the Toughest Job You’ll Ever Have

Our kids don’t come with an instruction manual, and there is no degree for being a parent. But shouldn’t there be? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone handed you a guide to get you through? Here is a unique, powerful program of practical tools. This CORE SuccessTM online training program helps you as a parent (or educator or care-giver), by providing solid and needed tools, methods and insight to help your kids be all they can be, achieve the self-esteem, happiness and life skills that you want  them to have, while at the same time enables you to relax and enjoy doing parenting.

Already taught to 30+cultures, this uniquely effective program provides practical help proven, methods and valuable insight.

Leeza Steindorf has run very successful courses for parents at our school – all of which have been well attended and enthusiastically received. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our parents, who have been so grateful for this opportunity to develop some conflict resolution and self-empowerment strategies, which they have managed to put into positive effect in the home.

Christ Bayliss

Principle, International School Wiesbaden Germany

Connected Parent, Empowered Child – 5 Keys to Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids

Would you like clear communication without the sass, and cooperation without  the attitude?

How about feelings easy in any situation and connected to your kids, even your teens, no matter what?

This work has been taught for over 16 years internationally to more than 30 cultures and is not available in book form… This work is proven, universal and powerful and Connected Parent, Empowered Child can transform your parenting, your family and your life!

Connected Parent, Empowered Child is the operating manual for happy parenting and creating successful, empowered kids that we all wish we could have had before we had kids. And it works whether they’re 5 or 25!

Jack Canfield

Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul®

Beyond Conflict 

How to Collaborate for Success

The foundation for success in any conflict scenario is the attitude with which it is approached. That attitude not only is key, but it gives you the ease and power to sit in the driver’s seat of your experience, no matter what is going down. The effective steps and strategies that Beyond Conflict make available are magical tools when this specific attitude is first in place.

Engage more than one person in conversation and things can get choppy. Add individual viewpoints, deadlines, the bottom line, project parameters and personalities to the mix and communication becomes an art form. Beyond Conflict hands you the tools to master turning conflict into conversation and hardened fronts into workable solutions.

Leeza’s radical approach to conflict gives you a view into the individual components and dynamics involved so that communiatino becomes a manageable task rather than an overwhelming obstacle.  Beyond Conflict training provides excellent tools to create conversation and collaboration where tension and confusion want to take the lead.
Verena Daum

Language Department Lead, Community College VHS Wiesbaden

Connected Communication

3 Keys to Authentic Interaction

Would you like to actually be seriously listened to when you speak?  Do you want to understand what someone else really means, even when things get choppy? How about feeling at ease and comfortable when taking a stand or even in conflict?

Connected Communication will show you how!

Communication is the most important skill we have to succeed in relationship, in business and in life. Surprisingly, learning this vital skill set has been left mostly to trial and error, circumstances and sheer determination. This training puts practical and highly effective tools of clear, authentic, and powerful communication into your hands.

Thank you, Leeza, for facilitating our conversations with Connected Communication …. your guidance, your time and your professional expertise facilitated and supported the board in its efforts to uphold its mission and values.
C. T. Gaillard

Board Member

Genius of NonJudgment

The Secret to Radical Ease in Every Day Life

Would you like to effortlessly keep a clear had when problems arise? Do you want to stay light and easy when tempers flare? How about sorting out the facts from fiction when relationships get complex? The Genius of NonJudgment will show you how.

You can sit solidly in the driver’s seat of your experience rather than be subject to the negative judgments that swarm around you and often in your own head. It’s yours, free for the taking. Enjoy, share and let me know what you think!

Leeza helped me reveal the options and choices I had to finally find my road to happiness. Her Genius of NonJudgment shifted everything. She’s an inspiration, and an amazing coach and group leader!
Annelies Kuhlman

Language Teacher, Amsterdam, The Netherlands