Attitudes Towards Anger: Hide It With A Smile

Anger Management And Parenting

Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have, but it can also be the most enjoyable and rewarding job you’ll ever have. Sometimes, however, parents find themselves having a hard time coping with their own emotional responses as they raise their children. If you’re a parent who has trouble with anger management, you’re not alone.

Attitudes Towards Anger

As part of our Parenting Success series, Core Success offers guidance for parents who need help learning how to manage their anger. The ABC’s of Managing Anger aims to help parents learn how to manage their anger while parenting. The first part of this series, or the ‘A’ of managing anger, involves learning about your attitude towards anger. One’s attitude towards anger can typically be categorized as one of the following: shut it down, hide it with a smile, or to let it fly.

Hide It With A Smile

Hiding your anger with a smile, or sugar-coating your anger, is a passive-aggressive response that can lead to challenges both for yourself and for those around you. When you hide your anger with a smile, it can confuse those around you about what you’re trying to express. It can also be a confusing experience for the person who has this reaction towards anger. Often, people who hide their anger behind pleasantness have a hard time letting go of their anger because they haven’t allowed themselves to properly acknowledge their anger.

Realizing your attitude towards anger and your relationship with anger is the first step towards anger management. With the help of Core Success, you can successfully manage your anger as a parent.

Core Success Parent Series: The ABC’s Of Anger Management

Core Success’s Leeza Carlone Steindorf helps parents learn how to deal with their anger through her The ABC’s Of Anger Management – Parent Series. Leeza Carlone Steindorf is a parenting educator, parenting coach, and the award-winning author of Connected Parent, Empowered Child. She delivers a powerful message and practical tools to individuals and organizations worldwide who are ready to break through limitations and create radical permanent change. As an acclaimed international thought leader in organizational transformation and personal development in 35+ cultures, her coaching, training, and talks inspire and empower.