Attitudes Towards Anger: Shut It Down

Learning To Deal With Anger

Are you a parent who struggles with anger management? Do you find that no matter your attempts to calm yourself, your children seem to have a unique ability to trigger your anger? While anger is a natural feeling and response in certain situations it is something that we all have to learn how to express in a healthy and productive way. Unfortunately, there are many of us who were not given the tools to deal with our anger as children. This, in turn, affects how we deal with anger as adults and as parents.

What Is Your Attitude Towards Anger?

Core Success offers lessons in parenting to those in need. In this multi-part lesson on The ABC’s of Managing Anger, we encourage parents to think about their attitude towards anger. By knowing how anger shapes your experiences, actions, and interactions, you can learn how to manage that anger. The typical responses to anger are to shut it down, hide it with a smile, or to let it fly.

Shut It Down

In some families, and indeed as part of many cultures, anger is considered a taboo. It is a negative thing that is not allowed, so feelings of anger must be shut down. That is, anger must never be expressed but must be squashed down. Children of families or cultures where the expression of anger is not allowed quickly learn to shut it down. However, this can cause long-term issues, such as suppressed feelings, inauthentic relationships, and even health issues.

If it is your habit to shut down feelings of anger, you are not properly managing your anger. Recognizing this is an important step towards anger management.

Core Success Parent Series: The ABC’s Of Anger Management

Core Success’s Leeza Carlone Steindorf helps parents learn how to deal with their anger through her The ABC’s Of Anger Management – Parent Series. Leeza Carlone Steindorf is a parenting educator, parenting coach, and the award-winning author of Connected Parent, Empowered Child. She delivers a powerful message and practical tools to individuals and organizations worldwide who are ready to break through limitations and create radical permanent change. As an acclaimed international thought leader in organizational transformation and personal development in 35+ cultures, her coaching, training, and talks inspire and empower.