Women, Do You Struggle To Feel Respected In Your Personal And Professional Lives? 

It’s not uncommon for women to feel as though they struggle with a lack of respect in their lives. Whether the feeling is present in your personal life with a lack of respect from your friends or family, or it’s a lack of respect from coworkers and colleagues in your professional life, this is not a struggle you are alone in. How do you get past this struggle? 

Respect Yourself First, Then Others Will Respect You 

The key to gaining the respect of others is to first respect yourself. Model how you want others to treat you by treating yourself well. You must demonstrate your belief that you are worthy of respect by giving yourself the respect you deserve. 

What If Others Continue To Not Respect Me? 

If you find that there are still those in your life who don’t respect you as a woman, then you must learn to accept that that decision is on them. It’s not your issue. You do not have control over others’ decisions. You do, however, have control over how well you respect yourself. 

Connect With Other Women, Learn More About Respecting Yourself 

Leezá Carlone Steindorf is eager to help women find the resources they need to empower themselves. That’s why Leezá has worked with Linda Fisk and LeadHERship Global. Like Leezá, Linda Fisk has experience in supporting creative and ambitious women to move in the direction of their purpose. LeadHERship Global enhances the leadership blueprint of unstoppable women around the world, helping them embrace their power to be the best version of themselves – in work and life. 

Leezá Carlone Steindorf Is Ready To Help You! 

Core Success’s Leezá Carlone Steindorf is an executive coach and motivational keynote speaker, she has an extensive background in world-class multinational corporations, trade unions, nonprofits, and educational institutions in over 35+ cultures. With her experience, she can help leaders make consistent forward movement, especially during the most extreme of circumstances. Contact Core Success today to learn how you can benefit from Leezá’s guidance. 

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