Female Leaders, Do You Feel You Can’t Be Yourself? 

How often do women in leadership positions feel as though they have to sacrifice aspects of themselves in order to lead successfully? If you’re a female leader who has felt this way, you may be surprised to learn you’re not alone. Many women in the Portland area feel pressured into mimicking male examples of leadership in order to obtain success. What if that is what is actually hindering you from success, though? Leezá Carlone Steindorf is here to help women like you learn how to be their authentic selves while pursuing their careers. 

Don’t Sacrifice Your Authenticity 

There is more power in being your authentic, feminine self than you realize. In fact, being anything other than your authentic self is doing a disservice to yourself and to the people you do business with. 

Too often women learn to wear a mask – or even several masks. What happens when you feel you can’t take off the mask? Do people recognize you for who you are, or for the mask you wear? Do you dampen your intensity, your passion, your drive, to make other people comfortable? What are you missing out on by now openly living in your passion? 

Let Leezá Help You Learn How To Take The Mask Off 

Who you are affects how you do business. When you take off your mask and allow yourself to live your authentic life, you’ll find not only freedom for yourself – you’ll find also that your business and your relationships will grow and thrive, too. Learn how to take the mask off. Seek help through the CORE of Female Leadership Training program with Leezá Steindorf. 

Leezá Carlone Steindorf Is Ready To Help You! 

Leezá Carlone Steindorf is an executive coach and motivational keynote speaker who has an extensive background in world-class multinational corporations, trade unions, nonprofits, and educational institutions in over 35+ cultures. With her experience, she can help leaders make consistent forward movement, especially during the most extreme of circumstances. You can access Leezá’s services through her personal website as well as at her Core Success website. Contact Leezá today to learn how you can benefit from Leezá’s guidance, or to learn more about Core Success and its related services.