Keynote Speaking & Motivational Talks

Not your average motivational speaker, Leezá has a gift for inciting motivation and inspiration in her audience, resulting in noticeable changes in attitude and behaviors.

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Sometimes we all feel stuck.

What if you could transform your trials into triumphs? Your obstacles into opportunities?

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Keynote Speaking and Motivational Talks

Leeza’s transformative organizational, personal, and educational talks are more than words of encouragement: They are a call to action. Regardless of her audience, Leezá has a world-renown skill for communicating what we can all do today, tomorrow, and beyond to see not only immediate but long-lasting change in multiple facets of life.

Transformational keynote talks from Leezá can address:

  • Workplace relationships
  • Employee efficiency
  • Parenting success
  • Communication skills
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Conflict resolution
  • Bullying issues

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The C.O.R.E. Process

All of Leeza’s talks focus on the principles of C.O.R.E. success, Clarity – Ownership – Resolution – Excellence. By understanding and focusing on these C.O.R.E. ideals, Leezá provides all of her listeners with tools to motivate, excite, inspire and realize their own success.

Speaking Topics

Review the impressive array of world-famous keynote talks Leezá offers. If you don’t see the subject that is most relevant to your personal or professional needs, contact Leezá for a free consultation to discuss what talk will best suit the goals you want to accomplish or the challenges you are navigating.


The Secret to a Positive Corporate Climate
Cut out the cause of conflict. Use this simple tool to revolutionize your workplace.
Five Steps that End Conflict
A plan that is easy to implement, providing long-term solutions for navigating conflict in the workplace.
Beyond Conflict
Collaboration and comradery are the keys to success. Learn how to create a workplace environment that promotes these ideals.
The Secret to Streamlined Productivity
Eliminate inefficiency. Get employees to want to work harder.
Crystal Clear Communication
5 keys to promote effective workplace communication. Learn how to communicate clearly and effectively, leaving ambiguity and uncertainty behind.
Training Excellence
Even trainers need training! Develop professional skills to become a more successful trainer or facilitator in your field.
Fearlessly Unstoppable
Stop letting fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt stifle your professional abilities and accomplishments. Learn 3 keys to build confidence and never look back.
3 Keys to Better Results
Learn the art of better communication and see measurable improvements in team dynamics, efficiency, and revenue.


Be You Authentically, No Apology
Insecurity undermines personal growth. Learn how to be unapologetically and proudly you, leaving self-doubt behind.
Personal C.O.R.E. Success
By understanding and implementing the power of C.O.R.E.’s Clarity, Ownership, Resolution, and Excellence, you will see transformative and inspiring changes in your life.
Learning to Love Yourself
Inward reflection yields outward transformation. Learn how focusing on self-love and appreciation will result in positive changes in yourself and those around you.
The Genius of Non-Judgement
Stop letting blame and shame dominate your everyday life. Learn the tools for letting go and prioritizing positivity.
Parenting Success Blueprint
Arguably the toughest job of them all, many feel uncertain and lost regarding parenting skills. Discover 5 keys that will promote healthy and rewarding parenting.
Woman Undaunted
Own your role and know your worth. While it might feel like a man’s world, learn how to have equal ownership and confidence in all settings and situations.


C.O.R.E. Success for Schools
A streamlined system of simple tools that will revolutionize your school climate and learning environment.
Conflict to Conversation
Keep your cool when things get heated and learn how to lower the temperature when it comes to conflict in the classroom or at home.
Resolving Conflict in 1, 2, 3
Set an example for your kids or peers by being the one who can disengage conflict and address the source of frustration. Learn the process to avoid becoming a participant in the conflict.
Raising Self-Esteem
Get the secret to valuing yourself and end the inner war! High self-esteem is the bedrock for all success.
Abolishing Bullying
Bullying is debilitating and damaging in school, home, and work settings. Learn how to identify and eliminate bullying behavior to improve the social environment for all.
Playing Nice Never Backfires
Stop fighting fire with fire. Learn how to rise above negativity and conflict and maintain patience and positivity.

Testimonials for Leezá and Core Success

She’s an excellent facilitator – the best I have ever worked with. Leezá guided us expertly through strategic planning and offered us a value that is hard to put into words. In addition, members of our team gave a testimonial that during this process they had also experienced meaningful professional and personal growth. Wow! How do you say, ‘Thank You’ for that?

Bob Kinsella
CEO Access Corporation 

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