Making Parenting Easier With Core Success 

Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks most people will ever face. For first time parents, finding their path can be difficult. If you’re a parent wondering how you can make parenting easier, consider turning to Core Success and Leezà Carlone Steindorf. You can get the most important parenting skills addressing the most common parenting challenges condensed in the online training Parenting Success Blueprint. Core Success is a Portland-based business run by Leezà. Not only is Leezà experienced in offering services such as keynote speaking and executive life coaching, but she also is an experienced parenting educator, parenting coach, and the award-winning author of Connected Parent, Empowered Child. 

Making Parenting Easier 

Making Parenting Easier” is one of the many videos available on Core Success’ youtube channel. In this video, Leezà explores the importance of clarity, ownership, resolution, and excellence in parenting. These are common areas that parents struggle with. Gaining a grasp on these concepts can help make parenting easier.  

Clarity is about knowing what is in front of you. If you are able to see and define what is in front of you, you can understand things better and understand what you want. Ownership is about accountability. For example, if you are struggling because of something unsatisfactory in your relationship with your child – if you’ve maybe had a recent disagreement or argument – it is important to take ownership of your part in that disagreement or argument. 

In order to achieve resolution, you must learn to communicate effectively and listen and understand people well. When you understand how to do these things, finding resolution to conflict is easier. Then, you can focus on excellence – on being your absolute best and then enabling others to be their best.  

Get clear, parent-friendly, practical tools for everyday use in the Parenting Success Blueprint.

If you’re ready to learn more about how parenting can be easier, don’t wait to contact or call Core Success! You can also visit the Core Success playlist to find unique insight into various topics. 

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Core Success’s Leezà Carlone Steindorf is an executive coach and motivational keynote speaker, she has an extensive background in world-class multinational corporations, trade-unions, nonprofits, and educational institutions in over 35+ cultures. With her experience, she can help leaders make consistent forward movement, especially during the most extreme of circumstances. Contact Core Success today to learn how you can benefit from Leezá’s guidance.