What Do I Do If My Business Is Struggling To Grow? 

If you’re a business owner who is having trouble getting your startup off the ground, if you’re an entrepreneur who would like to learn more about how to successfully grow a business, and if you’re ready to have insight from an internationally seasoned business strategy consultant – you’ve come to the right place. Through Leezá’s Strategic Business Planning Workshop For Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Growing Companies, you can learn the skills you need to grow a business from an experienced business strategy consultant. 

Learn About Business Growth And Business Strategy From Leezá 

Leezá is known in many parts of the world for her skills in business strategy and more. She has visited over 35 countries, where she has lent her expertise as an executive coach, a life coach, and a keynote speaker to various groups and individuals. Now, she’s ready to help you learn the skills you need to grow your business. 

What You’ll Learn In Leezá’s Strategic Business Planning Workshop 

What skills can you learn in this workshop? Some highlights include the following: 

  • Capture Resources 
  • Identify Critical Issues 
  • Crystallize Vision and Mission 
  • Design Tactical Steps 
  • and more! 

Act Now While You Have The Chance! 

Spots are limited for this workshop, so you’ll want to act fast to join. The limited-time early-bird pricing is also ending soon – on August 31st! Join now to save 40% on Leezá’s Strategic Business Planning Workshop. 

Leezá Carlone Steindorf Is Ready To Help You! 

Leezá Carlone Steindorf is an executive coach and motivational keynote speaker who has an extensive background in world-class multinational corporations, trade unions, nonprofits, and educational institutions in over 35+ cultures. With her experience, she can help leaders make consistent forward movement, especially during the most extreme of circumstances. You can access Leezá’s services through her personal website as well as at her Core Success website. Contact Leezá today to learn how you can benefit from Leezá’s guidance, or to learn more about Core Success and its related services.