Life Skills For Women: Communication And More 

Picking up the skills you need to succeed as a female leader, as a mother, and as an individual who is ready to connect with others can be a difficult task. With the help of the professional insight of Leezá, however, you can obtain those skills more easily. 

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Whether you’re seeking to improve yourself for the sake of your career or you’d like more success in connecting with others in your personal life, Leezá Steindorf is here to help. She has helped mothers, female leaders, and many individuals all over the world during her career as an executive coach, life coach, and keynote speaker. Now, you can gain access to her insights. 

Communication Fosters Connection 

Why are communication skills so important in both your work life and personal life? Communication fosters connection with others – which is crucial in all your relationships. As a mother raising your children, as a professional seeking rapport with clients and coworkers, as a partner, as a friend – you need to be able to communicate to be able to help your relationships grow. 

How Anger Obstructs Communication 

Of course, there are times when communication can become more difficult. For example, it can be impossible to get through to an angry person, no matter how skilled you are in communication. Why does anger obstruct communication? This is because in times of stress or conflict, we often revert to our basic instincts. When one feels threatened, one reverts to the fight/flight/freeze instinct. Additionally, when you answer an angry person with your own anger, it prevents them from exiting that feeling of being threatened. 

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