January 26, 2018
6 – 7:30pm PT

Open Signal Studio
2766 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212
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Clarity – Ownership – Resolution – Excellence

Outstanding Results in 3 Simple Steps! The Art of Radically Authentic Communication.

Live with Leeza is a Community Conversation Opening Hearts and Minds taking place as a TV event and recorded live with community members talking and exploring. Together we discover how to face with more ease, excitement and confidence the challenges of every day life, how to stay plugged in to the goodness that is, and how to be clear and feel undaunted no matter what storms and chaos swirl around you.

Join us – the participants, the crew and Leeza – on public TV channels or join us live for the event in the Open Signal studio in Portland Oregon.

The conversation January 26 will explore:
OUTSTANDING RESULTS IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS – The Art of Authentic Communication

Learn the secret of being real and connecting with others in a most comfortable way, no matter the person or situation. Create your best chances for great communication and feel good while you’re at it! This is CORE Success at its best!

Tune in to remember how amazing YOU are!



Woman Undaunted: Retreat for Exquisite Women

3-5 May 2019

Alton L Collins Retreat
Just Outside Portland


Do you ever hold back from living full out?
Do you want relationships that take your breath away?
Is it finally time to feel your fun and live life on your own terms?

We women are vital to the beauty and balance of life itself. However, the world often dampens our passion and resists our power. Even we hide our own amazingness. We spend much of our lives waiting for something to change, looking to others for permission, asking for instead of giving ourselves what we want. This is your chance to create your tomorrows differently from your yesterdays, to architect your life as you wish it to be.

This Woman Undaunted weekend (see video below) will inspire you to embrace yourself, let go of stuff, laugh out loud and connect to your beauty. It will give you the chance to cut through your limitations and be who you are with fearless freedom.

You will leave with simple yet powerful tools for permanent change so you can finally live passionately, confidently and happily with who you are, as you are. Period. You will discover why you are lovable (yes, you!), how to make decisions that feel good to you, and to be easy and loving with yourself – no matter what.

When we come from a place of power within us, then we find our passion and our playfulness and how they are driven by, and also drive, our purpose.

  • Identify what you really want
  • Expose and dissolve your fears
  • Stop hiding, blaming and shaming yourself
  • See your authentic beauty with 20/20 vision
  • Dive into the fun of being fully feminine
  • Find your spark, ignite your fire, join your tribe

Alton L Collins Retreat
Just Outside Portland
Eagle Creek, Oregon 97022

Early Bird Special: $490 — $690

Get ready to soar!

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