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How To Manage Attacks At Work 

Unfortunately, life will always be full of disagreements and confrontations, even in the work space. No matter your line of work, many people at times feel attacked by their coworkers or colleagues. Responding to such a situation can be tricky, especially since there is an expectation that you remain professional when speaking to your coworkers or colleagues. So how can you manage this situation? How do you respond? 

First, it is important to differentiate between two things: 

  1. The factual matters of what happened, what was done, or what was said
  2. Your perceptions about those facts

You may or may not be able to correctly identify the facts of the event, but your perceptions can never be right or wrong. In fact, you should not worry about if your perceptions are wrong because that distracts from the situation at hand. 

Realizing That Other’s Perceptions Are Not Fact 

When we feel as though we are mistreated or attacked, it is easy to feel defensive. However, the reason we feel defensive is often that we are concerned with defending against the “facts” presented by the other person about ourselves that we feel are wrong. It is helpful to remember, however, that just because someone is saying something about you does not mean you have to treat it as true. Often, when someone is talking to you – even if they are talking about you – what they are actually saying is something about themself. They’re either telling you about their own feeling or about their filer and how they see or experience things, including you. When you’re able to differentiate between their perception of you and the facts about yourself you will feel less need to be defensive and will be better able to navigate the matter at hand. 

To learn more about this topic, watch Leezà’s video “How To Manage Attacks At Work.” 

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