Non-Negotiables And Relationships 

All of us have things in life that are non-negotiable. Knowing what those are can be empowering and allow you to move forward with confidence in every relationship that you have. Leezà Carlone Steindorf is a keynote speaker and executive life coach who dedicates herself to helping others navigate areas of life that can be hard to figure out on your own. Through Core Success, her Portland-based business, Leezá offers services to help others, including keynote speaking and executive life coaching. 

Knowing Your Non-Negotiables And How That Affects Your Relationships 

When you know yourself and know what things matter enough to you to be non-negotiable, you will be better able to maintain and prioritize your relations, whether those relationships be social or personal. To help illustrate the importance of knowing your non-negotiables, Leezá shares an experience that she had with a friend.  

While out with this friend socially, her friend spoke about her while she was present to two other men. While the manner in which her friend spoke was positive, Leezá felt confused, embarrassed, and uncomfortable. Later, her friend revealed that she felt that that night Leezá had been angry and irritable towards her after she spoke to the two men. Leezá, however, did not remember feeling angry even though her friend insisted she acted as such. In an attempt to take responsibility for what she could in the situation, reflected inwardly. She then shared that she knew that sometimes when she is confused or embarrassed she can appear angry and that that was due to the violent household she grew up in. Her friend, however, went on to list other grievances she had with Leezá. 

Leezá reveals then that this situation made her realize she has certain non-negotiables in her relationships. Those non-negotiables are: 

  1. Having self-responsibility
  2. Having understanding of other human beings
  3. Having the desire, willingness, and commitment to working through issues together with the other person

Leezá also realized that her friend did not share these values. She pushed sole responsibility on Leezá, she didn’t allow room for Leezá’s perspective, and she was not willing to work together with Leezá to understand and fix the misunderstanding between them. Knowing these non-negotiables, and knowing that her friend did not share them, affected the relationship. However, by realizing her non-negotiables Leezá was able to understand what otherwise would have been an even trickier situation. 

To learn more about non-negotiables, how to realize them, and how to express them, watch Leezá’s video “Know Your Non Negotiables.” 

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